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Feel your best — the natural way — with a huge selection of quality vitamins, supplements, herbs, skincare, cosmetics & cruelty-free body care brands. Our vast Wellness Department is a store within a store! Use our Department Map to help navigate the aisles or bring your questions to our knowledgeable wellness team & we’ll recommend solutions that may be right for you. Come on in & let’s talk!

We work hard each & every day to offer the finest quality natural and organic products. That’s why we’re constantly introducing innovative products & bringing in new, trendy wellness brands to complement your lifestyle. Take advantage of our monthly health & beauty deals with entire brands on sale up to 25% & 30% OFF!

We’re dedicated to discovering the benefits of good nutrition, a natural lifestyle and holistic health. Stay up-to-date on fundamental nutritional information and breakthrough science from peer‑reviewed scientific journals in our Monthly Wellness Newsletter.

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Save on entire brands on sale for the month of November! Discover what makes each brand unique and better-for-you.

ancient nutrition – 35% off

About the Company

We believe in meaningful results – so we create formulas your body can easily absorb and use. That means using fermentation, powerful superfoods, ancient herb-combining techniques and clinically backed ingredients…and never settling for fillers, artificial ingredients or synthetics.

barleans – 25% off

About the Company

We’re positively organoleptic about quality. At Barlean’s, we geek out on the best way to press flax seeds, improving bioavailability of oils, and creating fish oil that kids actually beg their parents for.

Organoleptic? Yes, it’s really a word. And yes: we really do it. Organoleptic testing is a form of testing that uses taste, smell, sight, and mouth feel to determine if a product is good enough – and we do it for pretty much everything we make. We also inspect product from each batch to make sure the seals are good, the freshness dates are correct, and the labels are up to par.

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we don’t just pass all the quality and food safety requirements – we surpass many of them. Here are just a few of the ways we obsess over quality:

• We keep our flax oil in the dark.

• Fish sourcing: sustainable, cold and clean.

• Third-party testing is our thing.

solaray – 25% off

About the Company

Since 1973, we’ve scoured the globe for the highest quality ingredients, connecting you with the most efficacious supplements that help you live brighter & embrace the moments that matter most.

Pioneers in supplement health and wellness for nearly half a century, Solaray sources only the best, cleanest ingredients, ensuring they meet our stringent quality standards and rigorously testing them for identity, purity, and potency at our state-of-the-art, cGMP certified facility. We pride ourselves on a legacy of innovation and efficacy.

Backed by science, rooted in nature, and with a consistent track record of award-winning products, we’re wellness partners you and your loved ones have counted on for close to 50 years, and can continue to count on for many more.

new chapter – 25% off

About the Company

New Chapter® is a Vermont-based vitamin and supplement company with a deeply held mission to revolutionize natural wellness. Since 1982, we’ve been raising the bar to make supplements that your body can really, truly absorb. That means sourcing excellent quality ingredients from where they grow best. It means innovating. Testing. Fermenting. Testing again. Yep… it’s a lot. And we do it all with non-GMO ingredients and no synthetic fillers. That’s wellness, well done.

terry naturally – 25% off

About the Company

Terry Naturally® brand supplements represent the best in proven nutritional supplements. Each product is formulated with strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and produced with the highest quality ingredients.

The Terry Naturally® brand of products was developed by our founder and president, Terry Lemerond, with the intent of improving the health of America, one person at a time. “I’ve been involved in the natural health industry for nearly 50 years, during which time I’ve developed over 400 formulations and learned what it takes to make people healthy. I have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and I want to change your life, too.”

north american herb & spice – 25% off

About the Company

For over 30-years, we’ve had one focus: finding and using the best ingredients.

Only Ethically Harvested – We partner with communities worldwilde to ensure that we do not over-pick and maintain the balance of nature.

Scientifically Studied – Raw foods and uncooked vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes possess what nature intended for our bodies.

Always Free From Alcohols – Since our products are all natural, they’re always free from harmful additives, as well as gelatin, glycerin, and alcohols.

Pure Steam Extracted – We have the original, truly wild, organic, oregano oil that is produced by old-fashioned steam distillation.

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Last updated 11/2023.


Fruit Boost & Veggie Boost

Fruit Boost and Veggie Boost serve as a convenient and high-potency solution to fill the common nutrient gap that many individuals face. Whether it’s a matter of not enjoying the taste of certain fruits or vegetables, struggling to find the time for healthy eating amidst our busy lives, or simply wanting to ensure a comprehensive intake of vital vitamins and minerals, these supplements deliver. They offer a valuable option for those who may appreciate fruits and vegetables but are still missing specific key nutrients in their daily diet, making it easier to access their added nutrition. Fruit Boost and Veggie Boosts support overall well-being and health by providing a practical and palatable approach to vital nutrition.


her life STAGES

STAGES offers solutions at every life phase, with clinically backed ingredients you can count on. STAGES is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive line for all the years of your life. Find the product for your stage and find one complete solution you can count on for your most common concerns. As you move into the next phase, simply switch to the next formula in the lineup. Each supplement is anchored by one or more proven, clinically studied ingredients, so you can rest assured you’re getting the powerful support you need—without soy or hormones.

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true grace

Nutrient-Dense Supplements

Our full product line provides a robust and comprehensive offering for a true foundation of health and wellness. From multi-vitamins and omega-3s to probiotics and kids supplements. At True Grace, we’re regenerating nutrition from the ground up through nutrient-dense supplements that improve the health of body and planet.

peak scents

Organic Body Oils

Experience glowing and healthy skin with our exquisite collection of organic body oils. Crafted with a harmonious fusion of coconut, argan, jojoba, grapeseed, sunflower, and kukui nut oils, our unique formula creates a protective shield, infusing your skin with antioxidants and replenishing moisture. Pamper your body by massaging the oil onto your skin or add to your bath for an indulgent soak. With their deep-hydrating and nourishing properties, these body oils seamlessly replace your daily moisturizer, unveiling a new level of skin vitality and luminosity.

creative energy candles

2-in-1 lotion Candles

The Creative Energy Candle is an organic, hand-poured soy candle that melts to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a healthy body lotion that is suitable for all skin types. Our unique recipe features natural anti-aging properties and the healthy moisturizing effects of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins A, E and K. All of our candles are all natural and made with only the finest quality soybean wax, natural essential oils and certified organic extra virgin coconut oil. These earthbound properties play a major role in protecting the skin’s elasticity and contributing to its overall healthy balance.


SUPER LEAVES™ Plastic Free Deodorant

ATTITUDE’s plastic free natural deodorant uses an innovative biodegradable all-paper packaging designed to reduce single-use plastic. Because caring for the planet and your body should be a daily thing, our aluminum-free deodorant is made from natural ingredients such as arrow root and cornstarch that absorb moisture and eliminate unpleasant odours naturally. Our EWG VERIFIED™ deodorant provides long-lasting protection – without plugging up the body’s natural temperature regulating sweat system.

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