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Pecans Improve Lipids

By May 1, 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments

Pecans Improve Lipids

People who ate pecans saw lower cholesterol levels. In this study, 56 adults with high cholesterol did not eat pecans, added pecans to their regular diets, or substituted pecans for other carbohydrates and fats.

At the start of the study, and after eight weeks, everyone ate a high-fat meal, with doctors testing lipid and sugar levels four hours later. Both pecan groups saw total cholesterol decline about 5 percent, and LDL decline about 9 percent. Triglycerides declined more in the pecan-added group, and glucose declined more in the pecan-substitute group. Eating pecans may be a more consistent, sustainable way than drugs to reduce total and LDL cholesterols, doctors concluded.

Reference: Journal of Nutrition; 2021, Vol. 151, No. 10, 3091-101

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