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Muscle & Bone

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Turmeric and probiotics support muscle and bone health

  • Turmeric reduces muscle pain after exercise

Intense exercise can damage muscle and cause soreness. In this study, 30 recreationally active participants, average age 28, took a placebo or 250 mg of turmeric extract per day for 28 days before performing a series of weightlifting squat exercises designed to induce muscle damage on day 29.

Participants continued to take the placebo or turmeric through the 33rd day, when doctors measured changes in pain intensity compared to 96 hours earlier, immediately after the squat exercise.

The turmeric group saw significantly less pain compared to placebo, and had lower levels of lactate dehydrogenase, an enzyme that signals muscle tissue damage. Those taking turmeric also reported less fatigue and better mood than placebo.


  • Probiotics boost low bone mineral density

In the first phase of this study, 68 older women with low bone mineral density took a daily placebo or lactobacillus reuteri, with those taking the probiotic gaining bone density. In the second phase, 20 of the women with the best or worst response to the probiotic continued to take L. reuteri.

After one year, women who had responded best to probiotics had significantly greater total bone mineral density at the tibia compared to the poor responders. Good responders also had lower levels of the inflammatory factor, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein; more beneficial gut bacteria, and better microbiome balance.

Discussing the findings, doctors said L. reuteri may promote bone formation by favorably influencing gut microbiota.

Reference: NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes; 2022, Article No. 84

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