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Available thru February 29th

waldorf chicken salad sandwich

The Patch homemade chicken salad topped with pecans, fresh organic spinach, crisp organic green apples & organic dried cranberries, drizzled in heavenly balsamic reduction, all piled high & pressed on a tasty wrap of your choice.

Make it vegan! Sub homemade chicken salad for homemade tempeh “chicken” salad.

Made Fresh From Scratch at The Patch with Organic Ingredients. Plant-Based Friendly.

Available thru February 29th

lovestruck smoothie

It’s love-at-first-sight with this beet-licious smoothie packed full of heart healthy ingredients to entice your senses. A deep, romantic hue crafted from fresh organic beets, creamy frozen bananas, and bright red frozen strawberries. Blended with your choice of organic milk, sweet vanilla extract, fluffy coconut whipped cream, and a kiss of The Patch homemade chocolate syrup.

Made with Organic Ingredients. Plant-Based.

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