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Mind & Body ~ Nutrients preserve cognition, reduce cancer chances

By August 2, 2022No Comments
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  • Vitamin K levels predict cognitive health

Earlier studies suggest a link between low vitamin K and cognitive impairment. Here, doctors used a simple measure to identify insufficient bone levels of vitamin K: ucOC—undercarboxylated osteocalcin.

In this study, 800 independently living adults, average age 76, took a mental-state exam along with a ucOC test. Overall, 41.6 percent of participants had cognitive impairment. Compared to those with the lowest scores, those with the highest ucOC scores had impaired ability to spell words backwards, name objects such as a pencil and watch, and to keep track of time and location.

“As far as we know, this is the first report on the significant association of single ucOC measurement and cognitive impairment,” doctors said, and recommended using this simple, widely available test to identify vitamin K insufficiency.

Reference: Frontiers in Nutrition; 2022, 811831, Published Online

  • Vitamin D, omega-3, exercise reduce cancer

Age, diet, and exercise all influence chances for developing cancer. This three-year study included 2,157 generally healthy, independently living adults, average age 75, from five European countries. Doctors administered a placebo, a simple home strength exercise alone, 2,000 IU of vitamin D with or without 1,000 mg of marine omega-3s per day, or these two with or without exercise.

Each of the therapies alone reduced chances for cancer between 24 and 30 percent compared to placebo. Any two therapies reduced chances 44 to 48 percent, and combining all three, exercise, vitamin D, and omega-3s, reduced chances for developing cancer by 61 percent compared to placebo.

Reference: Frontiers in Nutrition; 2022, 852643, Published Online

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