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Magnesium and Insulin Resistance

By August 2, 2022No Comments
Foods containing natural magnesium. Mg: Chocolate, banana, cocoa, nuts, avocados, broccoli, almonds. Top view. On a white wooden background.
  • Circulating levels as important as dietary levels

Many earlier studies have found magnesium helps control blood sugar levels and activate insulin, but most have focused on magnesium in the diet and not actual circulating levels of magnesium. In this study, doctors measured fasting levels of magnesium, glucose, and insulin, as well as long-term average blood sugar levels (A1C) in 5,044 participants over age 18.

All began the study without insulin resistance or diabetes, with 1,331 developing insulin resistance and 429 developing diabetic events over the 5.8-year trial. Compared to those with lower levels, those with magnesium levels of 0.89 to 0.93 micromoles per liter of blood (mmol/L) were 29.39 percent less likely to have developed insulin resistance, and 8.51 percent less likely to have developed type 2 diabetes.

Discussing the findings, doctors recommended magnesium levels between 0.75 to 0.95 mmol/L to reduce chances for insulin resistance and for staying free from type 2 diabetes.

Reference: Nutrients; 2022, Vol. 14, No. 9, 1799

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