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Lipids ~ Nutrients improved circulatory health

By August 2, 2022No Comments
Beautiful girl loving a yellow hibiscus flower.
  • Hibiscus lowered blood pressure, cholesterols

Many cultures worldwide have used antioxidant-rich hibiscus to lower high blood pressure. In this review of 17 hibiscus clinical trials, doctors found an average 7.10 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure, with greater effects in those who began the studies with elevated blood pressure.

Overall, hibiscus was effective in studies lasting more than four weeks, with doses greater than 1,000 mg of hibiscus per day showing consistent blood pressure lowering effects. Doctors also observed improvements in lipid levels in studies using doses between 500 mg and 1,000 mg, with decreases in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and increases in HDL, the beneficial cholesterol.

Reference: Nutrition Reviews; 2022, Vol. 80, No. 6, 1723-37

  • Oat beta-glucan improved lipids

In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a health claim for oat beta-glucan (OBG) reducing chances for heart disease. OBG is a soluble fiber that forms a thick, gel-like substance that slows sugars entering the bloodstream and reduces the amount of cholesterol the body absorbs.

In this review of 13 clinical trials covering 927 participants, overall, OBG reduced total cholesterol by 0.24 micromoles per liter of blood (mmol/L); and LDL cholesterol by 0.27 mmol/L.

Discussing the findings, doctors said oat beta-glucan reduced total and LDL cholesterols in clinical trials of various lengths, at doses of at least 3 grams per day, the level recommended by the FDA in its approved health claim, and that those with elevated cholesterol levels should consider taking OBG to reduce chances for heart and circulatory problems.

Reference: Nutrients; 2022, Vol. 14, No. 10, 2043

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