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International Women’s Day 2021

By March 8, 2021March 23rd, 2021No Comments

We celebrate women-owned or women-created businesses.

Purely Elizabeth

“Start a natural foods company.” Those were the words Elizabeth wrote down on a blank piece of paper while in class at her holistic nutrition school. “My goal was simple. I wanted to provide healthier, better-tasting alternatives to what was currently on the market, using the incredibly powerful superfoods that I was learning about in school like quinoa, hemp & chia seeds.” Purely Elizabeth takes pride in sourcing ingredients based on their superior quality & nutritional benefits.

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Ella’s Flats
Ella is a health conscious, energetic mother of 3 with an appetite & always looking for delicious, satisfying foods packed with real nutrition but without added sugar or processed ingredients. Ellasflats are the answer as any part of a meal or snack including breakfast–plus it’s LOCAL!
“Nutpods was born out of my personal search for a dairy-free creamer with the rich taste & consistency and without unnecessary additives.” On vacation in 2013, pregnant & frustrated with her non-dairy creamer options at a Lake Tahoe diner, Madeline resolves to commercialize her recipe for nutpods & start a business. Nutpods was funded with kickstarter & the rest was history!
Miyoko’s Creamery
Miyoko’s is on a mission to revolutionize the entire dairy industry. A cheesemaker, cult celebrity chef, best-selling cookbook author, animal advocate, environmentalist, global speaker & entrepreneur, Miyoko is an epicurean activist who is leading the animal-free transformation of the dairy industry.
Love Good Fats
After founder, Suzie Yorke, spent years cutting fat out of her diet only to find that she felt worse than before! After a little research, she learned that sugar & carbs might actually be the the culprit. She immediately shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet. Suzie crafted her undeniably delicious, truffle-like bars with good fats, plenty of protein & only 1-2g of sugar. With that, Love Good Fats began.
Elizabeth created Lavva plant-based yogurts when she discovered Pili nuts (a superfood) while following a strict keto diet on a recovery journey from cancer. After blending them with coconut milk, the result was unlike anything she’d ever tasted before: spoonably thick, deliciously rich. It took years to perfect because their mission is to have 0 added sugar or processing agents like gums, emulsifiers or natural flavors.
3Bar Energy Bar products are made with family in mind! In fact, Erin got her inspiration from her grandma’s homemade cookies. Created by a vegan triathlete & nutritionist, these energy bars are packed with plant protein, low in sugar & free from many allergens like soy, dairy, wheat & gluten. 100% certified minority business & it’s LOCAL!

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