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Inflation Relief Pricing at The Patch

By September 22, 2022September 14th, 2023No Comments
Keeping the Community Healthy by LOWERING prices!

Keeping the community healthy by LOWERING prices…because healthy eats should be in reach!

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Dear Patch Customers,

As your local & organic, family-owned grocery store, we have always supported our community. We work hard each and every day to offer healthy, quality food at an affordable price. Our community has changed in the recent years along with all the changes in the world. We have had to adapt more than ever as the needs of our community, team members, and customers have evolved.

One of the most recent burdens that we’ve all had to adapt to is inflation. All around the country prices have been increasing, and grocery stores are not immune to these increases. We know that this has not only affected our costs, but also yours. Unfortunately, many of you have had to cut expenses where you can, and we don’t think quality food should ever be something out of reach.

In an effort to make quality food affordable for ALL of our community we have put our heads together, worked closely with our vendors, and actually lowered prices on some select items. Not only have we decided to lower prices, but some are astonishingly low! We’ve even created a new deli sandwich, appropriately titled “TLC,” that is just as delicious as all our others, but at an awesomely low price… because healthy eats should be in reach.

We don’t know how long we can sustain some of these prices, however we’ll try to make them last as long as possible for you. We will also continue to find new products to offer at these lower than low prices and continue to align our efforts with our vision to serve our community in order to build a healthier world.

Your Patch Family

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