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Nutrients Protect the respiratory system

  • Quercetin resolved Covid symptoms

People with Covid who dosed with quercetin saw inflammation and other symptoms resolve more quickly than placebo. In this study, 100 people with mild to moderate Covid-19 took standard care along with a placebo or 500 mg of quercetin phytosome per day.

After one week, 68 percent of those taking quercetin saw symptoms resolve compared to 24 percent for placebo, and for those with acute symptoms, 52 percent were resolved in the quercetin group vs. 24 percent for placebo. The quercetin group also had lower levels of an enzyme, lactate dehydrogenase, that raises chances for severe symptoms in Covid and other conditions.

Discussing the findings, doctors said quercetin sped clearance of symptoms in early-stage Covid, and reduced the hyper-inflammatory response that accompanies the virus.


  • Black cumin, astaxanthin support lung function

Black cumin and astaxanthin reduced upper respiratory tract (URT) symptoms in marathon runners. In this study, 32 male and female runners took a placebo or 500 mg of black cumin seed oil plus 8 mg of astaxanthin oleoresin per day, beginning three weeks before and continuing one week after a marathon, or half-marathon competition.

URT symptoms in the black cumin astaxanthin group were 78 percent lower than for placebo. The treatment group also had an 11 percent improvement in an index of “global mood state.” Levels of the stress hormone cortisol were also 20 percent lower, and a bacteria associated with immune regulation, streptococcus thermophilus, was 63 percent higher than placebo.

2nd Reference: Scholarly Journal of Food and Nutrition; 2022, Vol. 4, No. 3, 2638-6070

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