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Nutrients ease long-Covid and multiple sclerosis symptoms

  • L-arginine, vitamin C reduce long-Covid

Symptoms of long-Covid include fatigue, and problems with physical performance and muscle strength. In this study, 46 men and women attending a post-acute Covid outpatient clinic had been diagnosed with long-Covid and persistent fatigue for an average of 254 days. Participants took a placebo or 1.66 grams of L-arginine plus 500 mg of vitamin C per day.

After 28 days, only 8.7 percent of those in the L-arginine/vitamin C group reported fatigue compared to 80.1 percent for placebo. The supplement group also walked 98.4 feet farther in a 6-minute walk test compared to the distance walked at the start of the study, with no change for placebo, and had 7.5 pounds greater hand-grip strength compared to 2.2 pounds for placebo. Vessel flexibility also increased by 14.3 percent for L-arginine/vitamin C compared to 9.4 percent for placebo.


  • Omega-3s improve MS symptoms

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the central nervous system, causing a wide range of symptoms. In this review of 13 MS studies covering 1,353 participants, doctors measured omega-3 fatty acids in the diet and compared them to symptom severity.

Overall, those with higher levels of the omega-3 DHA had significantly fewer symptoms of muscle weakness, numbness, loss of balance, uncontrolled movements, tremors, speech and vision difficulties, and loss of memory.

As DHA levels increased, energy-regulating gene expression increased, and inflammatory gene expression decreased, suggesting raising DHA levels may decrease symptoms of MS.

Reference: Nutrients; 2022, Vol. 14, No. 21, Article No. 4627

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