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  • Riboflavin and astaxanthin preserve eye health
    • Riboflavin preserves vision

    The outer layer of the eye is the cornea, a clear sheath covering the iris and pupil and focusing light on the lens. The cornea can thin, bulging into an irregular cone shape, blurring vision, in a condition called keratoconus (KC). In this study, doctors measured levels of riboflavin in 100 people with KC and 200 without.

    Those with KC had riboflavin levels of 84 micrograms per liter of blood (mcg/L) compared to 183.6 mcg/L in the healthy volunteers.

    Discussing the findings, doctors explained riboflavin is an essential component of two coenzymes linked to energy production, cellular function, and growth and development. These findings suggest supplementing with riboflavin may help preserve the cornea and prevent KC.

    • Astaxanthin eases screen stress

    As global work in front of a video display terminal (VDT) has increased, so has eye strain. In this study, 60 healthy adults, aged 20 to 64, with a history of VDT eye fatigue, took a placebo or 9 mg of astaxanthin per day.

    After six weeks, those taking astaxanthin reported improved visual acuity while the placebo group had not changed. In those over 40, astaxanthin protected visual acuity of the dominant eye. Levels of oxidative stress were also lower, with fewer reactive oxygen species (ROS) in circulation.

    Doctors explained astaxanthin has antioxidant effects, and can cross the blood-brain barrier. These two factors suggest astaxanthin may assist in reducing tension in the ciliary muscle of the eye that adjusts the shape of the lens to focus vision.


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