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best health food store!

We are proud to announce that we have won first place for Best Health Food Store in the Tampa Bay Area in a poll from the Tampa Bay Times & Creative Loafing and second place for Best Grocery Store from The Times! Thank you to everyone for supporting your local & family-owned grocery store!

Local Art in the Cafe

Each quarter, we are happy to showcase a local artist in our Clearwater cafe. The art is available for purchase at our Clearwater location. Each artist chooses a charity to donate 20% of their sale.

Fall 2021 Artist:
Shy’s Art Studio
Art By: Shyanne Carter

“Hello! My name is Shyanne, but everyone calls me shy. I’ve been drawing my whole life and started painting when I turned 17. I grew up in a really small town.  My whole school had around 300 kids in it! I met my husband, moved out, and started my career in art around 18. I fell in love with watercolors and bright colors. I really enjoy painting positive things, nature and surrealism. I do custom work for people and I love seeing the smile on peoples’ faces when they see a loved one, place or themselves. My dream is to have my own interactive community gallery one day. I hope I’m not too far off to making that a reality.”

Shy has chosen Surge Activism as the recipient for a proceed donation.

Community Donations & Events

The Patch is proud to be involved with countless local donations & events. 

local food banks

Nature’s Food Patch fights to reduce food waste & help end hunger by donating to several local food banks seven days a week. Some of the local food banks we donate to are:

• Food Rescue Dunedin

• Homeless Empowerment Program

• Dunedin Cares Food Pantry

• Harbor Dish

In addition to our daily donations, The Patch hosts several food drives each year to benefit some of these amazing organizations. To stay up-to-date on how you can help feed our community healthy & nutritious food, sign up for our  newsletters HERE.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

One way we support local is by providing food donations to our friends over at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (yes, the one with the famous Winter the Dolphin)!

This is Vlad, the Russian tortoise who receives the donated food. He is an herbivore and we help feed him a diet of dark, leafy greens, bell peppers, carrots & zucchini. Vlad joined the CMA team when he was about 2-3 years old & can live up to 40 years. He is an animal ambassador that has been part of the CMA’s Education Center since 2014. Through Vlad, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium can teach anatomical differences of the 3 types of turtles while also teaching students & guests how to protect local species. To learn more about Vlad or the aquarium, be sure to check out their page!

community events

From health fairs to charity fundraisers, The Patch gives back to causes that align with our mission. Interested in having Nature’s Food Patch support or participate in your charitable organization’s event? Tell us more.*

*Please do not call regarding your application. We’ll contact you.

two Nature's Food Patch employees during a health fair
Green and Brown Butterfly

stay healthy

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