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Calming Yogurt

By April 15, 2022No Comments

Calming Yogurt

Yogurt contains calcium, magnesium and potassium—all of which play a role in regulating blood pressure—and beneficial bacteria which stimulate the release of proteins that help lower blood pressure. In this study, doctors measured yogurt in the diets of 915 adults, some with and some without high blood pressure.
Study author, Alexandra Wade, said, “this study showed for people with elevated blood pressure, even small amounts of yogurts were associated with lower blood pressure.”
Results for those who consumed yogurt regularly were even stronger, with blood pressure decreasing nearly seven points compared to those who did not consume yogurt.

Reference: Journal of Clinical Medicine; 2021, Vol. 10, No. 16, Reference: International Dairy Journal; 2021, Vol. 122, Published Online, 105159

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